Google Buzz - What's all the Buzz???

By: Arin Gilbert
Posted: February 14, 2010

Yesterday, Google unveiled their answer to Twitter, and offered a small glimpse of the beginning of their social media plan. It's called Buzz, and if you have Gmail, I'm sure your mailbox has been buzzing. I must say, the way Google is approaching their new social media strategy is quite interesting. (If I were Twitter or Facebook I'd begin to worry a bit; Twitter much sooner than Facebook). Instead of having to build a new network of online friends, Google has integrated Buzz directly into the Gmail client - giving you control, through your contacts, of who you do and don’t want to share Buzz info with. (Additionally, the initial install is very, very easy. If you were one of the Millions of people who logged into Google yesterday, and clicked "Sweet sign me up", then you already have Buzz configured- Yes, it's really that easy.)

It's going to be interesting to see how quickly people adopt to "Buzz". Although, knowing Google and the history of their other products, I'm inclined to think it not long.

For more information about what everyone has been Buzzing about, you can visit Google's Buzz site at


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