Palm Pre or Palm Pixi

By: Arin Gilbert
Posted: February 10, 2010

I've had several people ask me which is better... The Palm Pre, or the Palm Pixi. There really isn’t a good answer to this, as it depends on personal preference; each has their own benefits.

Below are a few thoughts for you to consider as well as a few links to help compare the phones side by side.

Palm Pre:
Pros- Has built in Wi-Fi, 20% larger screen than the Pixi, 3.2 mega pixel camera
Cons- Heavier, pull down keyboard

Palm Pixi:
Pros- Slimmer design, lighter than the Pre, customers have said that the keypad is a little easier to use, newer phone
Cons- No Wi-Fi capability, doesn’t have as fast of a processor as the Pre, 2 mega pixel camera

Side by side spec comparison:

Product demos:
Palm Pre -
Palm Pixi-